2018 MWOY Nomination Submission Form

WID Palmetto Chapter

The Palmetto Chapter of Women in Defense (WID) is accepting applications for your 2018 nominees to recognize military women who serve in the Armed Forces.  The award ceremony will take place at Founders Hall, Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site on Wednesday, March 21, 2019, from 5:30-9:00PM. All money raised will be donated to the WID Palmetto Chapter Scholarship, which supports women pursuing careers in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related field.

If you would like to nominate a woman in the military (Active Duty, Reservist or member of the National Guard), please take time to complete the following application and return it to the contact information listed below. Nominees will be asked to provide a short biography (one paragraph), as well as a photo of themselves in Service Dress as part of the recognition process.

Nomination categories for all services include; Junior Enlisted: E-1 to E-6, Senior Enlisted/Warrant Officers: E-7 to E‑9 and W-1 to W-3, Company Grade Officers: O-1 to O-3, and Field Grade Officers, O-4 to O-5. Separate awards will be made in each of these categories for Active Duty and Reservist/National Guard.

Download the submission form here and send a scanned copy to nominations@widpalmettochapter.org by February 22, 2019.